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So, you’ve envisioned a compelling future and enlisted the desire of others to join you on the journey.

The third pillar in Burchard’s E6 Leadership practice is to embody the message.

In other words:

  • aligning your WORDS with your ACTIONs, and

  • validating what you SAY with what you DO.

Many people have ‘the gift of the gab’ - those who talk plenty of talks but struggle to walk the walk. When we see this trait in others, we’re less inclined to trust them, to ‘follow’ them, or value what they say. Our interest in them plummets. Why?


We trust those who have it. We collaborate with and gravitate towards others who have it, and we quickly remove ourselves from those who don’t.

So how can we instil integrity within ourselves? A few ways ...

  • Embody the messages (the ‘talk’) you share.

  • Embody your beliefs and what you stand for.

  • Strength-test your ‘promises’ - are you tangibly demonstrating your values and behaviours to your colleagues, week in, week out?

  • And when the going gets tough, do you remain committed to your values?

This last one is key - what does someone with integrity do when things go pear-shaped?

They do whatever it takes to clean it up! Because no matter what, a human with integrity will fight tooth & nail to maintain it. This might mean acknowledging a personal error or blunder, and even apologising for that error to others involved or affected.

Finally, when it comes to Embodying the Message as a leader, remember the golden rule: you don’t believe the message unless you believe the messenger.

So, how aligned are YOUR words and actions?

Are you embodying the message?

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