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Why is Resilience Important?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020


Why is Resilience important?

According to leading Demographer Bernard Salt AM,

“The one thing that will separate your skillset from everyone else in the next 10 years is your ability to be agile and resilient.”  The ability to adapt, grow and excel amid changing, often chaotic, environments, is critical to building resilience. It's also a mindset. 

World-class athletes exhibit this trait when it matters most; flexing the ability to both reset, and identify the next opportunity. Staying present and dealing with what's most important allows us to build our resilience muscle, in order to keep showing up, and delivering in the face of challenge.

With life’s only certainty being uncertainty itself, our external environments are often more hostile than they are supportive. At such times, will you have the resilience ‘muscle’ to stay, and even control, the course, rather than cow tail to its might?

In this video, you’ll hear from Professor Anne Bardoel who talks about throwing money out the door if you’re not giving your people the resources to cope with difficult situations and Neale Daniher on life promising not to be fair so don’t expect it to be fair.

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