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Your WHY!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


Candid Chats #6: WHY it all matters.

First championed by marketing maestro Simon Sinek, leading with our ‘WHY’ - our core purpose - is now widely adopted by successful leaders across the globe. In our own backyard, one of the finest examples of how to ‘galvanize the troops’ around a movement has been Neale Daniher. Since 2014, Daniher has raised an almighty $37.6m for FIGHTMND, and in this week’s video, he speaks directly to the powerful role PURPOSE has played in achieving such results.

 “I haven't been all that clear on what we'll do or how we’ll do it, but that's not as important as WHY I do it. The ‘how’ and the ‘what’ come later.”   

Later this week I’ll embark on my 5th Daniher’s Drive as part of FIGHT MND’s annual fundraising efforts. For me, it’s an utter privilege to be part of something with such clarity in purpose, passion and commitment.

Are you clear on your WHY, and the purpose behind your daily efforts?

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