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Tim Slattery


"Clint has been a brilliant resource to upgrade our executive leadership capabilities across the business. He’s managed to convince some cynical hands of the value and ability to change, for both personal development purposes but also to improve the quality of management of our business and by extension its future growth."

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Catherine King

Global HSE Sustainability Manager

Training & Competence 

“I thought the Resilience course Clint ran was brilliant; which was highly participatory, inclusive and motivational. Clint’s facilitation was excellent, engaging and personable. He challenges you and offers insightful tips and strategies that deliver results. I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in developing my personal resilience. Would recommend this course to anyone interested in lifting their performance.”

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Adam Webb

Executive Manager VIC/TAS

“People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have Clint Bizzell as your coach and mentor to guide you through the process.

I was lucky to have Clint as an executive coach during a period of time where I needed to quickly shift away from my relying on my leadership strengths and accelerate areas of my leadership development to support a period of significant change.

I learnt a lot from Clint on striking a better balance both professionally and personally, dealing with leadership challenges, building a high-performing team and articulating a vision to guide and unify. 

I attribute a lot of my success in navigating a challenging period to Clint.”


Michael Groth


“Clint has been a critical resource that has helped me stop, think and focus on how to get the best out of myself, my team and the wider senior leadership team.  Practical and hands-on coaching focused on getting to know your strengths and weaknesses means, Clint provides insightful tips, strategies and guidance that deliver measurable results."

Jason Venning.jpg

Jason Venning

Country Manager Australia & NZ

“I highly recommend Clint as a facilitator and trainer in Resilience. I found Clint’s training to be very useful and thought-provoking. As a business leader, I need to be my best self for me and to be able to support my team to succeed. The time I spent with Clint has equipped me with new techniques I can use in my daily work and personal life to ensure I am able to respond in an appropriate way to challenges and pressure without letting it overwhelm me. Clint also demonstrated to me the importance of a growth mindset to help me achieve my goals in developing my leadership skills.”

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Tony Gapes

NSW State Manager

"Clint is very passionate about getting leaders to where they want to go and keep them accountable and honest in the process, by using contemporary methodology, frameworks & research that works. He is a facilitator that has actual real life leadership experience so he speaks with both conviction and credibility. Our team is definitely benefiting from his stewardship, with our business units sales and net profit performance up significantly on last year."

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Billy Nadj

National Business Manager

“Clint’s ability to engage and interact with different individuals, and at the same time drive outcomes was acknowledged by the group. Secondly, through his expert facilitation, we achieved our collective objectives."

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