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1 in 4 Australian workers isn’t coping. They’re heated, overwhelmed and stressed. Absenteeism, presenteeism, and mental health are at an all-time high and the cost to business is enormous.


Our #worklife status quo is unsustainable and demands closer scrutiny, so where to from here?

Take a look below for a series of compelling conversations with some of the most celebrated and respected champions in their fields.


We talk all things #resilience, why it matters and how to build it - within yourself, and others.

I interview Seven truly inspiring Legends of Leadership who are successful at what they do - in work and life.


The result?

Seven sensational stories and powerful learnings, for you to enjoy. 


Legends include:

Six-time Olympian, three-time Olympic Gold medallist, flag bearer for Australia at the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, James Tomkins OAM is one of Australia’s greatest athletes and celebrated sporting leaders.


The only rower in history to win world titles in every sweep oar event, James has also been inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, and is a recipient of the Thomas Keller Medal - the international rowing community’s most prestigious award. My chat with this outstanding human was indeed an honour - James' insights on sport, leadership and life are acclaimed the world over.


I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!

Nick Farr is one of Australia's most accomplished mountaineers having summited Mt Everest (worlds highest mountain) and many of the worlds highest peaks. He has led over a thousand people in high altitude environments and knows what it takes to build resilience and deliver excellence. 


As one of the directors of Resilience Builders, Nick now leads teenagers and executives in unfamiliar immersive environments to help them hone the learnings and develop skills to practice resilience techniques that last a lifetime.

Nicks 45 min chat is incredible as he shares his insights and wisdom on his major lessons learnt from years in the most challenging of environments.


Brenton has faced many challenges over the course of his impressive AFL career. As a player, he represented Adelaide, Collingwood and Geelong, clocking up 209 games over 14 seasons. Brenton faced multiple injuries and a ton of hard work over this time; needless to say resilience was a cornerstone of his acclaimed career. Brenton’s AFL journey continued off-field, with coaching stints at Port Adelaide, Adelaide, Geelong, and Collingwood, where he has held the role of Assistant Coach since 2016.


In our chat, Brenton reflects on the role resilience plays in the AFL; highlighting his personal practice of meditation as key to keeping him balanced and ‘high performing’ in all his life roles - as Assistant Coach, and Dad of 3 young children.

Anne Bardoel interest in resilience started when she was affected personally by challenging family situations. She is the course director for the Master of Human Resources Management at Swinburne Business School and has been involved in many academic and community leadership roles including successfully supervised PhD students and has an impressive research and publication record.

She has published articles in high ranking academic journals such as Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Sociology.

We discuss the importance of cultivating a culture of resilience, explaining that formalised resilience programs ‘lead to people having more engagement with the workplace, higher job satisfaction and less turnover.’



I’m honoured to introduce David Smorgon OAM - a member of one of Australia’s most recognised business dynasty’s Smorgon Consolidated Industries, and CEO of pre-eminent family advisory firm, Pointmade. 

Living in Aussie rules heartland of Melbourne, David was also elected President of the Western Bulldogs Football Club, a   position he held for 15 years. He’s not only renowned for his business acumen and investment expertise, but he also has a wealth of experience in understanding how to achieve results and bring people on a journey.   

David is passionate about getting the very best out of those around him, instilling resilience to handle the challenges business life throws at us all, and the importance of being authentic when leading.  

Sit back and enjoy this masterclass. 

Paul Currie leads an extraordinary, life-affirming double life - Oscar-winning Hollywood player, and altruist who has inspired and helped thousands of young Australians.


From high end theatrical productions, to an Australian Screen Directors Award for One Perfect Day, to forming Lightstream Pictures to work with talent like Woody Harrelson, Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan, Paul’s creative career has been incredible – including producing the Oscar winning classic, Hacksaw Ridge.


But Paul is also the co-founder of REACH. For over 25 years now, REACH has grown and grown, and continues to inspire young people all over Australia to believe in themselves, and get the most out of life.


In a fascinating and revealing conversation, Paul reveals the guiding principles that have helped him - and so many others - across his career.

It’s a joy and a privilege to welcome Australian footballing legend and inspiring campaigner Neale Daniher.


In the tough world of Aussie Rules, Neale – famously one of four brothers to play on the same Essendon team - was known for his dignity and resilience, across a career plagued by serious injuries.


Neale then did the business as a coach and leader too, transforming the culture and profile of Melbourne Football Club, across ten memorable seasons, which I saw up close as a player for six of them.


But perhaps Neale’s biggest battle was yet to come. Since retiring in 2014, Neale has been a tireless campaigner for research into Motor Neurone Disease, treating his own ill health with courage, humour, and a determination to help others.


In a memorable conversation, Neale shares his secrets for living life to the full with memorable takeaways for leaders on resilience, leadership, the importance of clarity and team. 

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy Part 1.

Part 2 of Neale Daniher's interview - are you taking notes :) 

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