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Resilience QUIZ


What is resilience? 

Resilience can be defined in various ways - I like to think of it as our ability to adapt, grow and excel through times of challenge or change. But my favourite trait of resilience is that it’s much like a muscle - it can be trained and strengthened to support us in moments that matter most. 

How resilient are you?

  • Take the P.A.G.E.S.s Top 6 Traits of Resilient Leaders test

  • Rate your strength in each 

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The Top 6 Traits of Resilient Leaders
1. Passion (enthusiasm, enjoyment, satisfaction)

Passionate people are a joy to be around. They exude an infectious, almost magnetic kind of enthusiasm. Why? Research tells us we’re more curious, engaged and motivated to achieve when we’re working on things that interest us. Furthermore, when we’re in the company of other passionate individuals, we thrive on the shared energy of being part of something ‘bigger’ - a common goal, community or ethos. 

Thinking about Passion:

  • Do you regularly gain enjoyment from what you do? 

  • Do you get to collaborate with fellow passionate individuals?

  • Do you regularly gain satisfaction from seeing the impacts of your work?

Rate your Passion
2. Awareness (self, others, the world around you)

With so many demands and distractions in our busy lives, self-awareness is key to mastering our environments. Resilient leaders have a heightened understanding of their behaviours, what triggers these behaviours, and how to better control them. With a strong awareness of self, others and the world around them, resilient leaders are adept at shaping their behaviours ‘in the moment’, and therefore make better choices on the fly. 


Thinking about Awareness:

  • Do you know your own strengths & challenge points?

  • Are you aware of the people & situations that influence the quality of your performance?

  • Can you read other people’s body language and gestures; both when they’re verbally communicating, and when they’re not?

Rate your Awareness
3. Growth-mindset (mindset, courage, creativity)


Mistakes are part and parcel of life - we learn far more from them than we do our wins. So, why are we so afraid of them? With obstacles thrown our way every day, a growth mindset is non-negotiable for building resilience. Resilient leaders are well prepared to navigate a ‘pickle’ - when they’re faced with a challenge, tight deadline or major task, they approach it with a growth mindset. Instead of fearing failure or mulling over ‘what ifs’, they consider the upsides of attacking the task head-on, giving effort, and learning their way forward. 

Thinking about a Growth Mindset:

  • Do you believe your intelligence, personality and character can develop?

  • Do you embrace challenges and persist in the face of setbacks?

  • Do you welcome the success of others?

Rate your Growth Mindset
4. Energy & health (body & mind)

Why do some people carry energy across the whole day and raise their hands for extra projects, while others reach for their third cup of coffee by 10am? Being ‘life fit’ and mentally healthy is paramount to maintaining sustainable, premium performance across the whole year. But energy doesn’t just happen, it must be created. Exercising, getting enough sleep, eating well and staying present are all great ways of generating energy. In many ways, resilient leaders are like high performance athletes - routined, committed, and prepared to do the work.

 Thinking about your Energy & Health:

  • Do you have a weekly exercise regime?

  • Do you generally get 7-8 hours sleep per night?

  • Do you eat well at least 80% of the time?

Rate your Health
5. Socially Connected (strong social support)

Humans are social animals - we seek strength, safety and value in numbers. When faced with a challenge, we turn to our social support systems to seek meaning, advice or compassion. Not only does this make us feel good but strengthens our capacity to ‘cope and conquer’ - our resilience. When supporting one another, we develop greater connections, show more care, and in turn, optimise collaborative outcomes. 

Thinking about your Social Connectedness:

  • Do you take an interest in the social lives of your workmates?

  • Do you share your wins and challenges with your workmates?

  • Do you actively listen (with care) to the wins and challenges of others at work?

Rate your Social Connectedness
6. Stamina (grit, persistence)

Enthusiasm is common, endurance is rare. How often have you given up on a task that was important to you? How often do you get up ‘one more time’, or stick it out even if the weather is miserable? How often do you revisit an obstacle through a different lens? Resilient leaders persist in the face of adversity; constantly iterating their approach with rigour, reflection and refinement. They partake in deliberate practice more and experience more ‘flow’ on their path to mastery. 

Thinking about your Stamina:

  • Do I finish what I begin?

  • Do I regularly create good habits & negate the bad to excel?

  • Are my interests generally long-term?

Rate your Stamina
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