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Are You a Dreamer?

And if the answer’s no, then ask yourself - is life how you want it to be? In every single way?

I’ve never met anyone who’s achieved their goals - big or small – without a bit of dreaming. Whether you want to climb Everest, become a better leader, or simply give up swearing, it all starts with identifying what you want your life to be.

Covid has made things harder than ever before, but elite, resilient performers always find a way. First, they find their dreams – then they set their goals. Decades of research show that clear and progressive goals are the best way to keep moving forwards – they enhance performance in every single way.

As a kid, everything starts with your imagination – as a great big grown-up, the same should be true. Tune into what you want, visualise it coming true and then, commit to the process.

To achieve anything, be clear about what you want, then tick off the steps to get there.

And remember…life’s good.


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