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Change is hard....but well worth it!

Have you ever kicked off a new exercise regime, diet, or habit with the best of intentions, only to crash, burn and never bother trying again? Of course – because we all have.

Self-improvement is not easy, for one simple reason – change, takes you out of your comfort zone. As the developmental psychologist Robert Keegan said: "The price of admission to a growing life, is always a challenge."

We all yearn for a better version of ourselves, but with the habits, obligations and fears we already have competing for our attention, it’s easy to see why the comfort of familiarity is so appealing. In fact, your body and mind have a natural inclination to maintain the status quo.

It’s called homeostasis, and it’s a built-in survival instinct – sadly, it’s also an obstacle to personal growth.

Stepping into the unknown, challenging stability, disrupting the equilibrium - these things all meet stiff resistance…but getting through, is always worth it.

And persistence is key. With consistent effort and commitment, you can and will gradually break free from old patterns, cultivating new ones which are more fulfilling and more empowering.

The journey of personal growth is tough, but as you evolve and expand your circle of capabilities, you’ll discover a better life waiting to be lived.

Because remember - life is good.


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