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Who's driving your bus!

Who’s driving your bus - choosing the direction and speed of travel? Is it you – or is it fear?

Though a natural emotion, if unchecked, fear can prevent you from reaching your full potential. It can stop you doing things which are essential if you want to thrive as a leader, or just in life – things like giving constructive feedback, connecting openly with others, and knowing how to respond honestly - but reasonably - to challenging circumstances.

To break free from its clutches, first, you must acknowledge its grip. By confronting your fears and acknowledging their impact, you can then start to recognise the negative assumptions you are making about everyday life.

The next bit, for some, can sound tough. The good news? You’re way stronger than you think.

Instead of turning away from fear, lean in. Start, by conducting little experiments, challenging those assumptions, and seeing what actually unfolds. You’ll find that more often than not, the worst won’t happen - your actual experiences will be more positive than not, and fear will begin to take a back seat. It’s time for you, to take the wheel once more!

It takes patience, courage, and determination - but before long, you can tip the balance.

And don’t forget - life’s good 


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