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How to get comfortable with Conflict?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


Candid Chats #8: Getting Comfortable with Conflict & Tricky Conversations.

Navigating difficult conversations and overcoming conflict are some of the most challenging parts of professional life. It’s no wonder then, that those who manage to master these ‘evils’, tend to rise above the pack. Not only must we approach difficult conversations and conflict with respect, but free from agenda or bias. Easier said than done, right?

In this video, we explore how such moments of discomfort have been handled by our 7 Legends of Leadership. Neale Daniher counts his weekly calls to ‘non-selected’ players amongst his toughest coaching duties;

“As a leader, it’s the one thing you can’t delegate”.   

David Smorgon OAM talks about ‘unloading his suitcase’ daily to avoid those emotional situations that often lead to conflict ‘you can go from being a very practical, sensible, quiet young guy into a raving lunatic’

Like any resilience-building skill, your capacity to navigate conflict and tricky conversations can absolutely be developed, trained and mastered.

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