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How to Overcome Fear


  • This pandemic has had an enormous impact on us all

  • Mastering the way we think

  • Fear causes 'pain'

  • Loss Pain

  • Process Pain

  • Outcome Pain


Put your hand up if you’ve been feeling a little anxious through this pandemic? Nervous?

It’s had an “enormous” impact on us all – the way we live… we’ve been surrounded by fear, uncertainty, the ever-growing global death toll, the economic pain, and we still don’t know when it’s all going to end.

A recent study has found up to 33 per cent of us are actually experiencing anxiety and panic, depression, anger, confusion, uncertainty, and financial stress – which not surprisingly is a common consequence during similar pandemics.

So, with the unpredictable nature of what we’re facing right now, and life moving forward - how do we overcome our fears, stay centred and on track?

It’s all about MASTERING THE WAY WE THINK to take control and perform at our best in “any” situation.

So, how do we gain the upper hand in overcoming fear?

First, we must actually understand it.

I like this:

“fear is an assumption that we’re about to experience loss or something negative in the future”

We all know it can stop us in our tracks. It shuts us down and holds us back from achieving our goals – it can totally paralyse us.

Global leadership experts go as far as saying “fear causes pain” – if anyone is keen to read up on this, check out Brendan Burchard.

Going by many reactions in our community of late, I agree. Fear causes pain.

Consider these 3 types of pain.

First - Loss Pain.

If I change my life or do this new thing, I imagine I will experience loss –I’m scared to try it as I may lose something I like, or care for - so I don’t want to do it…

Instead of thinking of what we will lose, we need to re-frame our thinking to ‘what will I gain’.

For me - Since being housebound and practicing social distancing what have I gained? A deeper understanding of my family…a greater focus on my fitness and making a point of saying hello to others when I’m out on my morning runs.

The more we focus on the gains the more we’re able to jump those hurdles.

The second - PROCESS PAIN.

Instead of seeing change as challenging and difficult to overcome, we need to see change as fun. Taking on challenges develops our character, it helps us tap into our higher selves and live a greater, more charged life.

The more progress you make, the more goals you attain.

And the third is OUTCOME PAIN.

Instead of fearing the outcome of our change efforts being no better than what we had at the beginning, we need to RE-frame our thinking and adopt a positive mindset to focus on the positive outcomes, that deliver joy, happiness and fulfilment.

A couple of common ones “When I quit smoking, I’m going to feel good and really enjoy tasting fresh food again. When I get fit and lose some weight, I’m going to have more energy and get through my day easier and play with the kids when before I couldn’t.”

If you want to truly progress in life, jump in the driver’s seat when facing your next fear as mastering our mind is paramount.

It might be common sense but it’s not common practice.

So, which fear are you going to start overcoming today?

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