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Overcoming Overwhelm

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


Candid Chats #7: Overcoming Overwhelm.

If you’re familiar with that ‘under the pump’ feeling, you’re not alone. From work deliverables to family commitments, we’re now overloaded with more ‘stuff’ than ever before. While our brains are able to process 40 bits of information per second, it’s typically bombarded with 11 million bits per second!

So how can we ‘thrive’ (& not simply survive) amid this environment? Routines, frameworks and structure are king. Following clear, pre-set behaviour patterns can significantly reduce our daily choices and overall cognitive load.

In this video, I explore ‘overcoming overload’ with our legends of leadership. Brenton Sanderson concentrates on the big-ticket items first, while David Smorgon OAM tells us not to ‘major on the minors’.

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