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What is Resilience?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


Candid Chats with 7 Legends of Leadership Series.

So, what is resilience? My definition of resilience is to adapt, grow and excel in a dynamic work climate. While we all face challenges throughout our working lives, it’s how we behave in these moments which not only determines our reputation externally but reinforces our character within ourselves.

So what does resilience mean to our Legends of Leadership? James Tomkins discusses assessing the situation and modifying our behaviour to execute and you don’t want to miss Dr Anne Bardoel’s explanation from the academic literature.

No matter how you define resilience, putting it in context and distinguishing it remains key. Once we know what it is, we can relate to it, identify it in others, and reward its magic in play. We’ll also be better placed to create cultures whereby resilience is modelled daily in order to guide and support other individuals ‘in development’ (or facing particularly tough times) across the organisation.

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