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You’re Q2 check-in – are your goals still alive?

Can you believe tomorrow we’re into Q2 of the year already?

Think of this note as a check-in to see how your 2022 goals are going, that, if you’re like most of us, you set over the summer break.

How are you going with your goal/s?

Are you prepared to do what it takes – no matter how scary things get?

I believe the key attribute to achieving your goals is courage – and it snowballs. Facing your fears doesn’t just expand what you are capable of, it makes you less scared of the future. And, it’s infectious: the more stuff you can do, the more those around you will take a chance as well.

The trouble is, we’re wired to do the opposite. Whenever we step outside our comfort zones, our bodies and minds stick the brakes on. It’s called the ‘homeostatic impulse’. The stuff which keeps us living - like our breathing, body temperature, heartbeat - it loves routine…so when anything upsets that routine, your subconscious lines up the hurdles. The only way to bypass them is to get started, never stop, and always remember the words of Brene Brown: ‘You can choose courage or comfort. You cannot have both.’

So which hurdles are you falling at?

1. Excuses: they’re irrelevant. Keep going.

2. Over-thinking: it’s a trap. Keep going.

3. Failure: is just a part of the process. Keep going.

There is no way to become a better person or a better leader, that doesn’t involve courage.

So embrace it, keep going, and remember…life’s good.


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