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Dealing with Failure

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


Candid Chats #5: Getting Good at Failure!

Our biggest learnings as individuals come from failures - from pushing the boundaries of what's possible, how we learn, iterate, and try again. A ‘fail fast’ approach has been adopted and widely celebrated by many leading tech companies who champion its edge over slower, often more conservative, competitors. Culturally, such an approach is often easier said than done.

So this Candid Chat with 7 Legends of Leadership, we explore how to ‘get good at failure’; quickly recognising that playing safe can often stifle progress while playing at the edge of discomfort can deliver meaningful growth. In this episode, David Smorgon OAM shares

'the first step to success is failure' 

and Brenton Sanderson talks about using 'feedback channels and positive self-talk'. All guests share their experiences with failure - all of whom prove it’s not failure per se which builds or breaks us, but HOW we deal with it that matters most.

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