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How Behaviour and Resilience Go Hand in Hand

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


  • Have you really thought about your behaviour?

  • A simple exercise

  • Triggers

  • A great example of a trigger

  • Trigger - impulse - awareness - choice - behaviour


We all agree we want to build resilience.

The first brick we have to lay is “understanding our behaviour” so we can modify it and so my question to you is have you “really” thought about your behaviour? How are you acting, and reacting to the world around you?

So, one simple exercise you can do today is to become more aware of the “triggers” that lead to your behaviours; and then make choices on how we want to react.

By a trigger I mean any stimulus that impacts our behaviour like the weather, peoples comments about us or our, internal thoughts and feelings and that’s just to name a few and all of these triggers makes us behave in different ways.

A quick example :

Have you ever been driving the car with someone, perhaps your wife, husband, spouse or friend and as you’re driving, they yell out watch out for that red light out for the car that is parked on the side of the road? Did you say thank-you OR did you say what are you talking about its a kilometre away, don't you think I can see...don't you think I can drive?

No doubt many of us have been in that position… myself included (smile)

Why is that? Why is our behaviour the exact opposite of what we “probably want our behaviour to be – “why” did we lose our cool”?

It’s because there was a trigger - that produced an impulse to react without thinking - and that impulse led to a behaviour.

There are always going to be triggers that lead to impulses that lead to behaviours but

The good news is, and what I am interested in is “we can change the cycle”.

There’s a Trigger then an impulse then there’s an awareness – after you become aware, you have a choice then our choices start driving our behaviour rather than our impulses.

So, the next time you feel the impulse - breathe – and become aware of what’s going on around you and realise you have a choice and let the behaviour be driven by the choice and the person you want to be rather than the environment.

It might all seem simple, but again are YOU doing the work to build your resilience? Afterall -  Life is much easier when you’re the one driving the bus rather than your emotions driving you.

So, my question to you is- How are you modifying your behaviour when you’re triggered? A great article on how to make the gains to make us great How to deal with failure video

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2 Yorum

Excellent read mate. Appreciate the effort you put into these.


Self awareness is definitely key! Thanks for a good read mate.

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