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Knowing Who You Are

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


  • Do you know who you are?

  • Who are you choosing to be?

  • Stepping into change

  • Clarity on who you want to be

  • 3 key words


Another Question for you! Do you know “who you are?” Seems like a simple enough question, but have a think about it.

Resilient people know who they are, and who they want to be and who they “choose” to be.

With all that’s happening ‘WHO’ are YOU choosing to be? Are you choosing to work with what’s possible and stand in courage, and connection? Or are you playing the blame game, and speaking about all of the things that you can’t do? Have a think about it……. Who is showing up today, tomorrow and for the future?

High-performer’s imagine a positive version of themselves now, and into the future, and then they actively engage in working towards being that. They aren’t waiting to demonstrate a characteristic next week or next month, they are living into their best self now. They have intention on who they want to be, and they act.

What are you actively doing to shape yourself into a stronger more capable you?

Like most things in life, you can’t wait for it to suddenly hit you ‘when you’re feeling great and ready’ because that ‘someday’ will never come.

If we keep putting it off waiting for the right moment or feeling, we’re never going to be ready to step into the change so many of us say we want.

Instead of waiting to be the you, you’ve always wanted to be or needing to be during these times – you have to step into you and think, feel and act as that person today, tomorrow and each day moving forward.

A quote that jolts me into action when I’m not ‘feeling it’ is attributed to the Jewish religious leader Hillel the Elder back in 110 BC– “If not now when? If not you, who?”

So, to understand who we are we need

SELF AWARENESS – of your strengths, challenges and goals of where you want to go

And CLARITY – on who is the best version of yourself.

Imagine seeing that person and how they act. How would you describe them, how do they behave? Be aspirational. Write a list of words and cull them down to three and remind yourself at the start of every day and live into them as often as you can.

Mine are courage, discipline and action. Remember with no clarity comes no change. “If not now when? If not you, who?”


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1 Comment

Love this mate! Brings extreme clarity. Going to send you a D.M. to chat furthur. Cheers!

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