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Mindfulness & Well-Being.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


Lucky last video of our Legends of Leadership series. Candid Chats #10:

What’s your wellbeing or mindfulness practice? Australian HR Institute tells us that “mental ill-health and suicide is costing the Australian economy between $43-$51 billion per year’. When it comes to mental health, building our own resilience is one of the most powerful preventative steps we can take.

So, what might this involve? Mindfulness is a great place to start. Since we’re all so different, the manifestations of mindfulness will vary greatly between us. From physical exercise to meditation, keeping a gratitude journal and/or showing compassion for yourself and others, mindfulness can be anything that recharges your energy and soul.

In this video Candid Chats, we talk wellbeing and mindfulness tactics with some of the greatest leaders in the game. James Tomkins believes everyone needs something outside of their normal day-to-day life that diversifies perspective and refreshes the human spirit. Have you got your mindfulness regime sorted?

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