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Passion & Perseverance

Updated: Oct 8, 2020


Candid Chats #4: All the Gritty Goodness of Passion & Perseverance!

According to Founder & CEO at Character Lab / Author of GRIT Angela Duckworth, the secret to outstanding achievement isn’t simply talent, but a special blend of passion and perseverance she calls ‘grit’. “Grit is about working on something you care about so much that you’re willing to stay loyal to it. It’s doing what you love. Not falling in love but staying in love.”

In this Candid Chat with 7 Legends of Leadership, Paul Currie tells us if the ‘want’ is strong enough and you know your ‘why’, you’re far more likely to survive the tough stuff. We also talk about ‘winning’ and the power of continuously pushing ourselves to improve with Aussie icon James Tomkins.

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