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The best of video from my 'Legends of Leadership' series.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


Annnnd that’s a WRAP! 10 outstanding chats with 7 Legends of Leadership. For those who missed it, this video series was a deep dive on all things #resilience. Quizzing some of the most impressive players in the game across business, art and sport alike, we looked at the value of resilience, how to build it, nurture it and leverage it when the going gets tough. Like a muscle, anyone can develop resilience with energy and focus.

To excel in today’s era of rapid output and change, resilience has never been more critical - a must-have to propel you through times of challenge; big and small. Sincere thanks to our 7 Legends of Leadership for their valuable contributions - with over 10,000 views and counting, the appetite for this kind of know-how is high. David Smorgon OAM, Nick Farr, Brenton Sanderson, Anne Bardoel, Paul Currie, Neale Daniher, James Tomkins bravo!

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