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The number #1 leadership question I get asked

As we approach the end of the year, or in fact start to think about 2022, I thought you might be interested to hear the number one leadership question I’m being asked right now from my clients.

“How do I continue to bring my people along for the journey?”

Quite frankly, it’s no surprise this is the question from leaders when you consider a workforce that’s facing burnout; with many employees joining what’s being dubbed “The Great Resignation” where workers all over the world are increasingly retreating from pre-COVID world patterns, many unwilling to go back to the 9-to-5 grind and are reassessing the “balance” in their lives.

But where does that leave you as a leader?

Great leaders influence through motivation, inspiring the vision of a better future. Getting people excited about this vision is only one part of the job, the other part is enlisting their ideas, hopes and perspectives of that better future.

Having people invested and involved in the vision unifies the group. The freedom to add one’s voice and ideas creates that shared vision, inviting everyone to take ownership and feel like they belong - people support what they help create.

Nobody wants an organisation that doesn’t involve its’ own people in its’ future. This type of leadership destroys motivation and productivity suffer. When people are forced to follow a set direction, it’s human nature for them to become compliant.

As a leader what questions do I need to ask?

Remember, we engage and empower through dialogue. As a leader, we need to ask: ‘What do we stand for?’ ‘Where are we going? or ‘What do our people need to achieve our vision?’ Create ownership, drive initiative, and lead a clear path to better outcomes.

Feeling support for our goals and input gives us a feeling of belonging. We thrive – because our key human needs are being met, we’re seen, heard, and loved for what we do.

So, as you round out the year, ask yourself - are you bringing everyone along for the journey to build a better team/business? Are you enlisting the hopes and dreams of those you lead?

Don’t wait for the Xmas break, the time is now.

Life’s Good. Clint

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