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My definition of Resilience explained

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


  • Everyone's talking about Resilience

  • Defining Resilience

  • Adapting to the ever-changing environments

  • Seeking a growth mindset

  • Creating routines & habits

  • Working on my behaviours

  • Mantras


I've got a question for you. Are you resilient? Do you think you're being resilient because

everybody's talking about it and we all know that we want it and we all know that we need it and you'd be surprised how many executives are asking me what it really is?

So, I want to define it because once we do that then we could have put a context around it and then relate to it and then develop it.

I define resilience is the ability to Adapt, Grow and Excel in a dynamic environment. So, let's start with adapt. Adapting to the ever-changing environments and that all begins with awareness. Awareness of the different people and situations that impact your ability to get things done or to achieve your goals daily.

So how self-aware are you right now?

Second is to Grow and Learn so seeking a growth mindset over a fixed.

So a growth mindset is the belief that our intelligence and our abilities can be developed as

opposed to being fixed or carved in stone.

And this isn't about learning something new this includes evaluating situations how you respond to criticism and how much effort you dedicate to a particular task?

So, if you can choose a growth mindset that's going to put you in a really strong position to develop your resilience.

And Third and finally is to Excel. Now we all know to Excel in any area requires deliberate

practice and creating routines and habits and this is where a scorecard comes in really handy

because you want to know when you're winning.

Especially when you've acquired the good habits and what particular behaviours that you need to pay more attention to or eliminate. So, for me, it's about eight or so behaviours that I work on each and every day from everything that includes setting new goals to making progress towards those goals and having fun.

Others they use values or mantras or phrases that they put on their phone and set an alarm three times a day or on their screensaver or some people even tattoo these phrases on their bodies. So, you've got to pick a method that works for you.

So, my question to you is…How are you developing your resilience today?

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