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COURAGE - The 1st step in behaviour change

Updated: Oct 8, 2020


  • Behaviour change needs three core elements

  • Courage takes many forms

  • How we get courage

Full Transcript:

Are you fed up with making the same old mistakes? Repeating bad habits?

Can you think of one right now?

Let’s get into behaviour change

There are three things you need courage, humility and discipline.

Today we’re going to focus in on “Courage”

To change your behaviour in any way we first need to acknowledge that we need to “change” to better ourselves, teams or businesses - this takes courage.

Change can feel uncomfortable. It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and be vulnerable to try new things and rethink deeply held beliefs.

And courage takes many forms. It takes courage to stand up for what we believe, or to ask for a pay rise, to even ask a question at parent teacher night in front of a group, to share with a friend that we’re struggling, to let a loved one know that what they said hurt our feelings.

In the business world, executives I coach are faced with many challenges around this – it can be hard to change behaviour (even if they want to) because they’re already so-called “successful”, they already deliver results that are working. But this is about growth – this is about being the very best versions of ourselves.

Interestingly, what I’ve found when people take on the work, is that it’s contagious - in “every case” – the persons peers, direct reports and managers acknowledge their commitment and respects them even more for taking it on. Just as I get inspired by seeing people taking on their own challenges - it leaves me with more energy, and passion… and encourages ‘me’ to want to take on bigger and better things.

How do we get courage?

We need to face our fears… and it’s a muscle, so we have to keep doing it… keep showing up. We need to honour our struggle and face our challengers head on and not fear failure. Failure doesn’t define us, obstacles are part and parcel of life. The more we see life this way and keep moving forward the more courage we develop.

There can be no growth without discomfort, no progress without struggle and no change without courage.

It’s the crucial first step in the process of behaviour change and a key element of high performance.

What courageous step are you going to take next?

And do you have a behaviour you’d like to change, stop or get better at?

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