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Welcome back! This week we’re up to Burchard’s 4th key practice of leadership … Empowering Others.

As a leader, what’s the simplest way to make life that much easier? Find the right people to join you on the journey!

Empowering means giving others the authority to make meaningful decisions, and trusting them to execute a shared vision.

It’s an awesome feeling when your boss or senior colleague entrusts you with an important piece of work - to deliver it how you want to, and with whoever you need to make it happen. That’s the feeling of empowerment.

This tick of approval is what many of us seek in life. The validation of knowing our work matters. In such moments we feel truly supported to succeed. It puts a pep in our step, and we’re energised by the knowing we’re contributing to something bigger. There’s momentum - life’s good!

But the opposite is also true.

When management doesn’t place confidence in us, self-doubt sets in. Micro-managing becomes par for the course, and our engagement nosedives. We question our capacity to get the job done, we feel on the ‘outer’ and start to panic. Life is NOT so good!

So what’s the leadership key to Empowering others?

Consistently believe, trust and ‘invest’ in others - empower them with decision-making authority, equip them with valuable training, and provide them with the tools and technologies they need for success.

Investing in others and setting them up for success is a vital ongoing practice of every great leader.

So what support do your people need to succeed, and how are you empowering them in order to do so?

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