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So, in the previous video, I’ve asked you what your teams “compelling” future looks like -Now it’s time to think about the second practice of leadership - “enlisting others” on the journey.

To enlist others means to engage them in the process of sharing their ideas, hopes and perspective of a better future for the organization. Having people invested, involved and unified about where you and they are heading in an honest and authentic way unifies the group. It means everybody is having input and also makes sure that everyone is singing from the same hymn book.

It’s not a nice feeling to work in an organisation that doesn’t involve its’ own people in its’ future. That’s the definition of exclusion, and nobody like to be excluded. This type of leadership can severely impact productivity and morale.

When people are forced to follow a set direction, it’s human nature for them to become compliant. Conversely, when people are allowed to voice their ideas and contribute to what eventually becomes a shared vision, they commit because they have some ownership - people are far more likely to support what they help to create.

The job of a leader is to continually listen to what’s being spoken about and ask people questions about what they think might be the future direction of the organisation. Asking them for answers to questions like: ‘What do we stand for?’ ‘Where are we going?, or ‘What do our people need to achieve our vision?’. That’s what creates ownership, drives initiative, and leads down a path of much better outcomes for all.

Dialogue engages and empowers - there’s really no better way to begin than crafting a shared vision for where everyone wants to be in the future.

Convey this new vision at every opportunity, whether in large or small groups, in all types of meetings, and especially during one-on-ones. The more you share, the more it reinforces the positivity of what you’re saying. The more you do that, the more quickly people will jump on board and not just come along, but enjoy the entire ride.

So now ask yourself… to build a better business, how are you enlisting the hopes and dreams of those you lead?

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