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Full Transcript:

The last video I introduced you to my favourite framework for leadership - Brendon Burchard’s E-6. Offering a powerful prism from which to view leadership, Burchard’s model outlines 6 key practices we all need to master on our path to leadership success.

Over six weeks, I’ll be dishing up a deep-dive into each E, so without further ado, let’s dig into WEEK 1:

If you can’t paint a compelling picture of the future, then what we experience today and the reason why your people should care, then your job as a leader is set to be incredibly difficult.

What are we setting out to achieve together? What kind of future will excite and compel us to work hard towards it? Why is this objective important to you, your team and your customers? How will the team feel when we achieve this goal?

You need to get your team/tribe/followers excited, connected and keen to be both part of the future state, and the journey required to get there which will take lots of hard work so don’t shy away from mentioning that too. This is an active process continually envisioning where we are and where we are going. As the adage goes, where there is no vision, people perish.

Make no mistake, with effort and deliberate practice, you’ll begin to generate groundswell around your objective, excitement for the journey ahead, and traction around your leadership too. Build it, share it, and your followers will come.

So, what does your team’s future look like?

Until next week,

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