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Welcome back to the last, but certainly not least, of Burchard’s 6 Practices of Leadership - Encouraging others.

When we think of the greater leaders we’ve had in our lives, it doesn’t take much to recall those who made us feel great about ourselves, those who encouraged us and those cheered us on, no matter the circumstance.

Such leaders are those tucked safely ‘in our corner’. They’re those who ‘have our backs’ and know the way we’re wired. In fact, they’re so loyal, you’ll repay their faith ten-fold … they’ve always been there, and truly care.

There’s nothing more powerful than being acknowledged for the good work we do. It makes us feel fantastic! Such recognition can be via email, phone call, text, or a quick chat at morning tea. Whatever the format - gestures of encouragement are vital leadership behaviours that serve to recognise and reward the efforts of others.

Moreover, behavioural psychology tells us that behaviour recognised & rewarded is behaviour repeated!

And when the going gets tough? Encouraging others becomes ever more important.

In the face of challenge - be it internal or external, it’s crucial for leaders to remain unwavering in their encouragement of staff. More than ever, morale will need boosting, team members will need motivation to ‘stay the course’, and reminders that their efforts are valued, no matter the circumstances.

For leaders, these times can be depleting - they require effort, resilience, and extra stores of energy. To show up, you’ll need a deeply rooted desire to lift others high - to get them excited about what’s possible. You’ll also need to constantly shift your team’s focus from ‘what’s not working', to ‘beacons of opportunity.

Your leadership mission? To move your people forward, one step at a time, with positivity.

Finally, my favourite part about Encouragement is that ANYONE can do it. You don’t need an MBA, there are associated ‘costs, and the benefit to others will be enormous!

So how are you lighting up your people right now? How often are you recognising their efforts, and cheering them on?

So, there you have it - Burchard’s 6 major practices of leadership to influence and impact others.

Envision the future, Enlisting others on the journey, Embody the message, Empower others, Evaluate your key people and Encouraging others.

And remember, leading others is a privilege that you should never take for granted.

So with your leadership toolkit now laden – it’s time to get to work!

Which practice will you be starting with?

Life’s Good.

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