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Welcome back! This week we’re exploring Burchard’s 5th major practice of leadership … Evaluating your people.

Do you have the right people on the journey? Are they contributing to the ongoing success of the organisation? Do they have the right skills, ethics and standards to realise your strategy?

As a leader, you should have a solid idea of what each person in your team is working on, and what they need to achieve success.

Understanding your team members means knowing their unique strengths, challenges, triggers and preferred way of learning. These are all crucial insights to ensure you keep motivating, challenging and enabling them to get better.

Evaluating your people also requires regular engagements in honest, immediate & constructive feedback sessions. These might be face to face, online, &/or a combination of these both ‘in the moment’ and via scheduled, formalised ongoing feedback loops.

Without consistent, two-way pulse checks with their people, leaders can quickly find themselves ‘at sea’ - without a map, or a compass to guide their bearings.

In evaluating your people this year…

  • Have you considered their objectives & needs, on an individual level?

  • Where do they excel, and where do they come unstuck?

  • Are they improving? If not, why?

I look forward to your thoughts!

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